A Look Back and a Look Ahead

Oh wow, 2015 is already over! I hope the year’s been good to all of you, and if not, that 2016 will be better!

I’ve just taken on my first project translating an English m/m novella into German this last month, and that’s definitely something I want to continue doing. Aside from that, I’ve also bought a new computer which runs Photoshop a lot better than my laptop ever could, so I might take on more graphic work that excites me. (Actually I think I’m going to add a Cover Art section to this website where you can check my unused designs and see if there isn’t something for you there!)

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For my writing, 2015 was a nice year. In March, I got to release my novella In Memory of Us with Loose Id. Admittedly, it didn’t sell much, but it got a good response from the readers who did read it, and that made me happy. (Aside from the complaints about length. One day I’m going to rerelease this one with an added epilogue.)

Then the month after that I decided to take part in the Don’t Read in the Closet Event for the first time. I wrote The Alpha and His Ace. It was an absolute blast! I got to write for the coolest prompt featuring a wolf-shifter who finds his mate in an asexual human. Talk about diversity! 😀 I had so much fun with that story and I’m so glad that I got to write about a topic that isn’t getting as much visibility as it deserves, yet. I was even more blown away when I released a short sequel and it climbed up the best seller list on ARe. Huge compliment. Thank you, guys!

thealphaandhisace wip5


I think between those two stories, I released Branded. Jesus Christ. I don’t even want to admit how many drafts of that one I’ve written over the years. It was my very first original novel. The story that got me writing original fiction. About a rude, pyromanic dragon shifter and a blind latino fire elf. Because that’s how I roll. I foresaw that a lot of people would have trouble with my not-so-nice main character, but I could never make myself change or censor him. I’m glad that I didn’t and that some of you loved him, anyway. I’ve also released a sequel (also written years ago) and a free Christmas story (written during NaNo this year) for this one.








I’ve released one more story this year, a novella titled Nothing Casual. That story… fought me hard. I was close to trunking it at least three times. I can’t believe the positive reviews I’ve received for this one. (But then, I still find myself amazed people read my stuff at all from time to time.)  The main character of this one is a hikikomori, a shut-in, and he struggled with the concept of letting other people in again, while I struggled with writing a story from only on point of view. (Something I don’t think I’ll do again too soon.)

In a way, 2015 was a year of discoveries for me, as far as my writing process is concerned. I realized I do best writing 3rd person, giving both characters a point of view. I also discovered that I have the most fun writing (and thus am most productive and creative) when I write with only a vague–very vague–outline in my head.

As for 2016… you know how some authors have their whole year all planned out ahead?

Yeah, that’s not me.

For now, I can tell you that I’m working on a novel that is, of yet, unnamed but deals with a character who finds himself on a train transporting the recently deceased to their final destination. This is a dark one. Trigger warnings for suicide, rape, domestic violence and substance abuse. But I’m still really excited about it. 🙂 It’s going to betas next month, I hope.

Aside from that, I’m also going to release a follow up to Nothing Casual with Kenta’s friend Zetsu in the lead role. It’ll be called Nothing Temporary and be set in the beautiful city of Sapporo during the Snow Festival. No idea yet when I’ll be done with it, but it’s happening. I’ve already named the Love Interest, after all. I’m also armed with a vague outline. 🙂

I’m also probably going to take part in the Don’t Read in the Closet Event again. At least, I’ll try to make time for it between publishing, translating and finishing up my master’s degree.

It’s looking to be a busy year!

How about you?