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AJP_labratslove_BannerThe giveaway on my blog hop post is now closed. I used Random.org to pick a winner. Congrats to Alaina! And thank you all for your participation and your interest in my book.

To everyone who didn’t win, Loose Id has Lab Rat’s Love on sale for 30% off today. (They sell formats compatible to all ereaders.) Actually they have all their books on sale today, be sure to stop by, I know I did!

In other news, a new Dirty Birds talk is up on Kate’s blog. This one has us as three cranky birds, actually. Read it here.

Blog Hop: Interview with Evelyn Aster

Today I am interviewing Evelyn Aster as part of the Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop. You can access the entire schedule for this blog hop here, and hop along for more fun and giveaways.

I’m giving away a box of European chocolate and a free ebook copy of Lab Rat’s Love to one lucky commenter. (Closed! Picked a winner via randomizer. Congrats to Alaina!)

Now, I think my lovely guest has arrived. Welcome, Evelyn, happy to have you here!

1. First off, you’re running a Crowd Chooses Romance on your blog, which seems like a lot of fun. Could you tell me a little about how that works?

Thanks so much for hosting me Ana. I’ve done two Crowd Chooses Romances so far: April Showers and Shifting into Love. The way it works is I write about a thousand words and pause at a moment where the character needs to make a crucial decision and have the readers decide for her. I had a couple of ties and that was tricky to work out, but the hard work has also been a lot of fun. I wanted to run one for the blog hop, but unfortunately I got a summer cold which has pretty much wasted my energy. Hopefully I’ll run another one in the middle of July. For now, if any readers want to pop on over to my blog and check out the stories, I’m holding a drawing for an amazon gift card and a Starbucks gift card. Anyone who comments on the stories or my blog this week gets their name in the drawing.


2. Sorry to hear about your cold! The concept sounds really interesting, though, hope you have it up and running again soon. I see you’ve also had a novel release recently. Tell me a little bit about it.

Through the Paintings is a novella about a feisty cafe owner named Rachel who’s in love with the artist/sex addict who owns the shop next to her cafe named Carlos. He has fallen in love with Rachel as well, but on the day he asks her out, he receives a mysterious package with magical paints that lead him to a different world where an enchantress wants to keep him as her entertainment. I read all the time in guidelines for markets that sex must be integral to the plot and not just gratuitous, and I must say that sex is key to the resolution of the story and to Rachel saving her soon to be lover 🙂


3. Oh, that’s a cool idea! Where did you get your inspiration for it?

It actually began as a story I wrote for a lover of mine who shared my interest in fantasy. When I saw that Jupiter Gardens Press had a shared world where magical objects helped to ignite romances, I thought it would make a good fit.


4. What makes a person or character sexy to you in personal?

Characters who are filled with magical power are definitely sexy to me. I know we’re not supposed to root for Loki in the Thor movies, but Loki is hot.


5. Hah, Loki definitely is! Now, what’s sexy to your main character?

Rachel would say a man with a rugged appearance but a kind heart beneath the layers is a big turn on.


6. I see Rachel has excellent taste~!  On the other end of the spectrum, what turns you off in books? Any tropes you hate seeing?

Rape. And Rape. And can we be over rape already? I picked up a sword and sorcerer romance recently that I had been very excited to read. Within the first few chapters, the main character has dealt with the threat of rape, the hero’s mother was raped and murdered and the hero saves a whore from being raped and beaten. I had to put it down and quit reading even though I liked the main character and a twist that the author had put in. I’m tired of sexual assault being such a common threat in books for women.


7. Any advice you’d like to impart to aspiring writers?

Just keep writing whenever you can. Take risks in your story. Learn from something you wrote last year that didn’t get published. Rewrite it or write a new story without the same mistakes. Just keep writing.


You can buy Through the Paintings at:

Jupiter Gardens Press


All Romance

Barnes and Noble

Interview With Me

Remember me talk about the Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop?


No? Doesn’t matter. In any case, Tara Quan interviewed me as part of the fun, and you can see the result on her blog over here. She’s also running a give-away, so check it out.

And come back here tomorrow to watch me interview Evelyn Aster. (There’ll be choclate!)