Happy 2015! And stuff.

So I realize this is pretty late for a new year’s post, but what can I say? I’m a lazy bird. I’m also a busy bird; I just deleted about 10k spam comments from this website. If you left me a comment and it got caught up in the purge, I’m sorry!

So what’s on the menu for 2015? Lot’s of fun things, it seems!

For starters, I have one novella coming out with Loose Id in (probably) early spring. IN MEMORY OF US is New Adult m/m romance set in Japan following a tsunami-survivor and his teenage crush. I’ll post more about this as we move closer to release.

I’ll also be attending two conventions. Euro Pride Con in July and UK Meet in September. Haven’t done that kind of thing before, so really looking forward to that. Though, knowing myself, I’ll probably be too anxious to actually talk to anyone! Heh. Oh well, I’ll try.

My writing goals for this year include the revision of three novels (some fantasy, some contemporary), as well as the writing of two complete new ones (one NA, one paranormal/low fantasy). I’m all pumped up! 🙂

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