Three Dirty Birds Talk… Writing


I’ve been on Twitter a lot lately. A mistake, maybe, because Zoe X Rider (author of Games Boys Play and various other hot stories) and Kate Lowell (author of Bite Me Tender and squirrely things) wouldn’t stop talking about writing books. I tried to stay away, because talk like that always ends up hurting my wallet. They kept doing it. I succumbed. I bought a copy of Story Trumps Structure by Steven James.

And now that I’ve bought the book, I plan to get my money’s worth by dissecting every little chapter with Kate and Zoe. You can read along too. We’re talking about plotting and pantsing and the good stuff. Mainly about the good stuff.

So if you have an interest in writing, the book, or you just want to listen in to three erotica writers talking, head over to Kate’s blog for the first part: The Ceiling Fan Principle and What It Means for Storytellers. Discussion of the second chapter will be posted by Zoe on Wednesday, and I’ll have the third chapter post up here on Friday.

One thought on “Three Dirty Birds Talk… Writing

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